Entrepreneurs rely on numerous technology tools to aid them in their day-to-day responsibilities. By making use of these resources available to them, they are better prepared to be the multifaceted leader their business needs. This type of manager is necessary especially for small businesses, considering the staff may not be large enough to fulfill all the establishment’s demands. In order to juggle the many obligations in their high demanding fields, entrepreneurs use widely accessible tools in the following categories.


Thanks to online accounting resources, it has never been simpler for bosses to manage the ins and outs of their business’s finances. To have more leverage over their commerce, many administrators use QuickBooks, a finance tracker which breaks down income, expenses and more in an easily digestible manner. With QuickBooks, it is not necessary to have a strong background in accounting. Instead, this tool organizes reports into a single place to make tax season a breeze.


Graphic Design 

Not every business has the budget to hire an experienced graphic designer or a complete marketing team. In this case, companies may significantly profit from free marketing resources like Canva. This platform offers free templates for organizations or individuals to utilize by merely dragging and dropping their desired content. With templates ranging from logos to videos to flyers and much more, the site makes it tremendously easy to assemble a professional image for your next campaign or social media post. This tool is straightforward enough for beginners to grasp ahold of it immediately and begin mastering the art of graphic design.



Even though Canva is an excellent tool for all businesses to benefit from, some other technology tools in the marketing field can also be of great assistance. Mailchimp, for example, is an email marketing platform that assists brands in adding and managing email subscribers, setting up seamless campaigns, converting blog posts into email newsletters and more. By using this tool, entrepreneurs can optimize their sales performance and customer retention. 

Google Keyword Planner is another beneficial tool for leaders to use in their organization’s marketing plan. This tool helps individuals choose and research the correct keywords for their site or Google ad in order to secure a high ranking in the search engine. Rather than being dominated by their competitors or spam websites, entrepreneurs can use Google Keyword Planner to better position their website to appear at the top of search results, ensuing increased traffic and sales.


Project Management

For business owners with an overwhelming amount of tasks, project management tools like Trello can be of great assistance. This platform helps teams collaborate, meet project goals and deadlines and become more efficient overall. Whether working remotely or in an office setting, entrepreneurs and their teams will have a better grasp of their productivity and communication when using this tool. Join successful businesses like Google, Squarespace and Costco Wholesale in uniting your team and becoming more efficient.


These technology tools can significantly benefit any entrepreneur or corporation. These resources are meant to make seemingly complex tasks much more attainable. With their proven success for the head honchos of numerous organizations, these tools are sure to deliver on their promises and better prepare business leaders for the numerous roles they will find themselves filling.

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