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Maged Mostafa is a talented and experienced Entrepreneur and Executive with more than two decades of experience successfully leading business innovation for high-growth organizations. Across his career, he has demonstrated his talents in launching product development, marketing, and sales programs within businesses to generate expanding revenue and profit. 

Presently, Maged Mostafa is a multifaceted professional, working as Managing Director for the global innovation and engineering business Pliteq. The company has an unprecedented commitment to R&D with three new innovations under development and seven patents registered in 24 countries worldwide, including the United States. Maged is also an Advisory Board Member for indaHash. indaHash is the world’s largest network of celebrities and social media influencers, using a state-of-the-art platform and advanced technology to reach 90+ countries and help top brands find the most effective influencers to match their needs. 

Additionally, the tech-savvy industry expert works in eco- and earth-friendly building materials through his business,, where he and his team created Ecomag Board, a groundbreaking product for the construction industry. Ecomag Board is an environmentally friendly sheathing material made with non-toxic and mineral-based materials, and its unrivaled properties make it a revolutionary product for the construction industry. Not only is it stronger and lighter than alternative materials, but it also boasts superior thermal, acoustic, and fire-resistant properties. 

Alongside his other career accomplishments, Maged Mostafa is also the Director for TME Worldwide, a position he’s held for more than a decade. Through his role with the Management Consulting LLC, he works to provide companies looking to build a strong presence in the GCC/MENA markets with the marketing, sales consulting, and technical services they need without high risk or cost. 

Previously in his professional life, Maged Mostafa has worked with ScribbleLive as Managing Director of EMEA and Global Alliances, where he established the business’s presence in Africa and the Middle East. Prior to ScribbleLive, he served as Chief Executive Officer for both Genesis Manazil Group and Genesis TP, Inc. Maged also spent time in Egypt, where he spent nearly two years as a Product Manager for Choloride Inc., followed by five years with Comdotcom, which he founded and then served as Chief Executive Officer. 

Throughout his career, Maged Mostafa has established industry-specific expertise in multiple areas, including Strategic Business Planning, E-Commerce, SaaS, Mergers and Acquisitions, IPO, Team Building and Leadership, Process Redesign, Construction and Material Manufacturing, Lean Operation Management, Staff Development Programs, Electronics, and Software Engineering, among others. 

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